Do not touch me....

You never know what you will find.. esp on a old WWII bomb range.

These are gone now.  They built the Hyundai Test track over top of this old bomb target site from WWII.


Another shot of bomb

I can see for miles....

Here I am walking around another crash site trying to figure out what it was. Its a long walk out of here if the truck breaks down.

Old Hawes Radio Relay site

This just sits off Hwy 58. Before this was built it was a WWII era air field.

X-1 Loading ramp

This is where the X-1 was loaded onto the B-29 mothership. It just sits in a parking lot.

X-1 loading ramp

Pod or missile

You never know whats out here. We found this missile or pod burried in the sand. It had a screwdriver inside of the electronics.... FOD claims another test. THis thing was heavy and a prototype of something. Maybe someday I will go back and dig up the rest.

Look no UXO


This is gone as well.... Damn Hyundai!!!