The area around Edwards AFB has a history of tragedy.  It is littered with the remains of aircraft and military equipment from years of flight test operations.  On many of these sites people lost their lives doing what they loved.  Please be respectful when visiting these places. 

It seems there is a big interest lately in these crash sites and some people are even making money off of the items recovered there.  I will be stepping up my efforts to visit as many as I can before everything is carted off and sold on Ebay.

Use Caution when traveling in the desert!  There are many hazards present.  (Heat, crazy people, UXOs, animals, mine shafts and just about everything in the desert is sharp!)

YB-49 tail #42-102368 crashed Jun 5, 1948 Located 7 miles Northwest of Edwards AFB

B-1A tail #74-0159 crashed Aug 29, 1984 Located 25 miles NE of Edwards AFB

B-47B tail #50-006 crashed Nov 19, 1951 Located on Edwards AFB 3 miles west of the main runway